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Los Angeles Tech Sales Recruiting

Software & Technology Sales Recruiters Recruiting Software Sales Talent in Los Angeles since 2004.
downtown Los Angeles CA

Los Angeles Software & Technology Sales Recruiters

Recruiting SaaS Sales Talent In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has the third-largest GDP in the world and will host the 2028 Summer Olympics.  Los Angeles is a major employer for companies like Kaiser, Target, Hulu, Snap, Google, Walt Disney, NBC Universal, and many growing tech companies. Getting the right software sales professionals on board for your Los Angeles team is essential.  


We recruit sales talent across the nation. Thriving tech companies can’t afford to lose market share because they don’t have the right sales talent on the team. It takes focused attention and market expertise to make strong sales hiring decisions. We’ve successfully completed more than 1,000+ sales hires and can help you find highly matched software sales talent for your Los Angeles openings.

Recruiting the Right Sales Talent is Essential to Achieving Your Revenue Growth Goals

–Getting it Right is Worth the Extra Effort Getting it wrong creates even more headaches.  Hiring the right talent can change your career. Picking the best of who’s around isn’t going to help you advance to the next level. Give yourself better options and watch your results skyrocket.
Sales Recruiting Partnership  We expect you’re selective. Our clients are interested in sales talent with experience, proven results, and people who have the drive to make it happen.
Put and End to Losing Time and Money  Recruiting for hard-to-fill sales roles isn’t something you can pull off with a LinkedIn account and a few hours a week. If you’re a CEO, CRO, or VP  and you have sales goals to meet, you simply can’t wait another quarter for the right person, Let’s work together and get your search on track and in the hands of true sales recruiting experts.

LA-Based Tech Sales Talent Is In High Demand

Market Mastery

Market Mastery seems like everyone’s an expert these days. When we claim expertise, we mean we’ve filled similar sales roles hundreds of times. We know your competitors-who they hire, how well their sales teams perform, their quotas, ICPs, target markets, verticals, ASPs, and more. We know who’s unhappy. We know who’s making changes and who stands to benefit from them. Experts have market information that can give you a real recruiting edge. When we approach talent with potential opportunities, they listen.


Laser Focused

Laser focus keeps us acutely in sync with the salespeople who are driving revenue. We don’t recruit IT, professionals or accountants. Because we’re spending our days talking to salespeople from sunup to sundown, we’ll be able to quickly find talent who might be right for your sales openings.


High-Value Partnership

High-Value Partnership means we’re considering where your company will be three and five years from now. For us, truly understanding your sales structure will help us make better matches which means you’ll see more of the people who are right for you and your sales team. Whether you need a salesperson who can manage their own RFPs or drive their own lead generation, we know not all tech companies are the same. So we take the time to learn about your unique challenges. Then, we’ll uncover what matters most to you in your next hire.

Interview the Sales Talent You Need to Meet You Revenue Goals

Serious about Hiring Tech Sales Talent?

It can’t be too soon to get your sales search started. Let’s set up a call and discuss your sales openings in Los Angeles. There’s no time to lose; you’ve been patient long enough. Reach out today, and let’s get your search kicked off now.