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Building Your West Coast Sales Team?

The West Coast is one of the largest recruiting hot spots we see.

And the truth is, many of our East Coast and even West Coast clients find recruiting here to be a real challenge. And it could be because most candidates’ job tenures are less than in other parts of the country, although that’s starting to change…..Or maybe it’s because you get less bang for your compensation buck. But know this: the talent pool tends to be exceptionally bright and very tech-savvy.

So as challenging as it may be, the West Coast is not a region you want to ignore. Well maybe you do, or maybe you don’t, but there’s just too much business here for most companies to pass up. 

  • Every market has its nuances, and we’ve been recruiting on the West Coast for almost 20 years.
  • Knowing the market means we know where to look based on what you’re out to accomplish. Working with a specialist will benefit your search.
  • If you’re ready, you can start recruiting West Coast sales talent at an elite level. It only takes one to two weeks to be matched to the kind of talent you’re looking to bring on board.

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With a recruiting process that delivers results, we can help you achieve a sales talent pipeline that makes hiring decisions difficult. Stop waiting for the right person to appear and start working with an agency that can help you drive the results you need to succeed. 


Whether you’re hiring in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, or Arizona, we uncover the specific sales talent you need to impact your business. Because we focus on a proven sales recruiting strategy and we’re a specialized firm, we can recruit on-target candidates in half the time.

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