How to Ensure You’ll Recruit the Best Sales Talent for Your Growing SaaS Company

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Because we help recruit the heart of any company—it’s people— recruiting remains one of the most challenging and rewarding positions inside any organization.

Companies grow and die based on the people they hire. It’s the people who develop innovative ideas. They create new solutions to solve problems. It’s the PEOPLE who build partnerships, develop relationships, and help each other learn new skills.

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The Best Way to Tell Candidates They Didn’t Make the Cut

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Telling candidates they won’t be moving forward in the interview process can be awkward, uncomfortable, or even something you tend to procrastinate. Some recruiters and hiring managers ignore providing feedback for candidates altogether. Others wait days, even weeks to reject candidates. Letting too much time elapse before delivering the “bad news” hurts everyone, including your company’s reputation.

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Recruiting for Your Sales Team? 5 Rules for Preventing Job Offer Turn Downs

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It’s no secret that recruiting sales talent is a is a challenge.

If you’ve gone through the interview process with multiple candidates and have finally winnowed it down to one final choice, it’s painful when your finalist turns down your job offer.

If you’re working hard to recruit the top 20%, this will happen.

It’s not only acceptable but inevitable. Part of recruiting the best is getting turned down.

Recruiting top sales talent is always competitive. They have lots of choices. But it shouldn’t happen too often because it burns through too many resources and takes too much time.

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What to Do When Your Number One Sales Rep Resigns

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Every top salesperson will eventually quit. What’s even more painful is the best leave when they are on top, so if you’re not careful, you may not even see it coming. As the job market tightens, sales professionals have more and more lucrative and exciting job opportunities vying for their attention.

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Three Must Haves for Strong Sales Leadership

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Managing a sales team is a complex and challenging job. It’s also a very different job within companies of varying revenue sizes. In some cases, you’ll need to be a front-line seller, in others, you’ll need to be a sales strategy master. Yet in all sales leadership positions, you’ll have to have command of more than just sales skills, you’ll need to be able to lead others.

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