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Software & Technology Sales Recruiters | Recruiting Software Sales Talent in Chicago since 2004.
Chicago skyline.

Chicago Software & Technology Sales Recruiters

Recruiting SaaS Sales Talent In Chicago

Chicago has more than 400 major corporate headquarters and is the most common location for a Midwest Territory. With companies like Motorola, Sears, Boeing, Walgreens, McDonald’s, Abbott Laboratories, Kraft Foods, RR Donnelley, United Continental, First American Bank, Chicago Stock Exchange, and more, getting the right software sales professional on board has never been more important.


Hiring sales superstars is one of the most important decisions you’ll make all year. However, it takes time and expertise to make strong sales hiring decisions. We’ve completed over 500+ sales hires and can help you find highly matched software sales talent for your Midwest openings.

Well Executed Sales Recruiting Can Do Amazing Things For Your Sales Team

–Meet recruits who are matched to your requirements and eager to work for you. With job boards or LinkedIn ads, you can’t really generate the kind of results a strong, specialized agency recruiter can deliver.

Hire faster. The average time it takes to hire has increased to 52 days!  We can help you slice that time in half. We won’t be starting your search from scratch.

Amplify your results. We can help you attract, engage, recruit, and hire star sales talent because we know what it takes to recruit the best.

Recruiting All-Star Sales Talent Is Competitive​

Recruit to Win High Impact Sales Talent

Now more than ever, hiring top sales talent is competitive. Sales candidates and sales professionals with a track record of success will always have plenty of choices. We can help you attract and recruit the best while meeting your sales hiring goals.

We’re determined to succeed and unfazed by market swings, shifts, and competition for top talent. We work extra hard to hit recruitment targets and help you meet your sales hiring goals.

We’re confident you’ll succeed with Optimal Sales Search on your side. YOU won’t be one of the 47% of businesses that can’t find qualified applicants for your open territories. Instead, we’ll work together to help you find the kind of talent you need to dominate your space and win new clients.

Interview the Talent You Need to Meet Your Hiring Goals

  • Specialization means we’re recruiting software and technology sales talent every day and have been for years. We know the market and can help you quickly recruit new hires.

  • Sales expertise keeps us focused on sales recruits only. We don’t recruit IT, professionals or accountants. Just salespeople. That means we’ll be able to quickly find candidates who might be right for your sales roles.

  • Listening means we take the time to understand what’s important to you when considering your next hire. Every client we have has unique concerns, challenges, and objectives. We’ll find out what matters to you.

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